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The Best Home Addition Contractors in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio is the second-largest city in Texas and seventh-largest in America. The city holds down the southwest corner of the urban megaregion, the Texas Triangle. While it is a rapidly growing metro, San Antonio also houses scenic views of its more rural roots. You will find just as many hills in its outskirts as you would buildings in its city center. San Antonio’s versatile topography houses diverse real estate. It is full of homes that range from charming cottages to luxurious mansions.

One of its most iconic structures is the Alamo. The historic chapel is one of the most well-known structures in the nation. Its remarkable architecture is the Texas of the old world. The Alamo was established in 1718, and in the four centuries since, it has had multiple restorations and renovations.

Recently, local professionals were entrusted by the state to incorporate additions adjacent to the historic structure. The new infrastructure will serve as an exhibit hall and storage space. The building will feature better environmental control to preserve the priceless artifacts found in the Alamo and the Spanish mission it was built on. Additions provide a practical choice for those looking to enhance their space.

You might be considering making additions to expand your home. For many homeowners, additions make a wise investment because, while extending livable space, they also heighten your property’s value. If you are looking for contractors that can help you through the process, consider the list below, which includes contractors in San Antonio.

KM Builders

7915 Mainland Dr, Suite 200, San Antonio, TX 78250

Keith Moehle, an award-winning remodeler and custom home builder for over thirty-five years, started in construction as a framer when he was still a high-school student. Three years later, Keith was a nineteen-year-old running his own crew.

Keith established KM Construction in 1984 when he was only twenty-one years old and kept the business running through the 1989 Savings and Loans crisis. While many companies faced foreclosure, Keith took on a carpentry position with the USAA to sustain his business. He eventually bounced back after rebranding his business to focus on residential remodeling as KM Builders. Keith is now certified by the National Association of the Remodelling Industry (NARI) as a Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeler and a Universal Design Certified Professional. NARI awards these certificates to the most skilled, professional remodelers.

Project by KM Builders

With an EPA certification as Lead Abatement Renovator, KM Builders sets itself apart from other contractors by utilizing specialized techniques to eradicate lead-based hazards from materials used in construction. These modifications are one of many by the KM Builders team, which puts the clients’ safety and satisfaction at the center of each project. The multi-awarded KM Builder holds the highest number of in-house professionals anywhere in the city, and it offers its clients an all-inclusive Design-Build service. Recently, the firm was named the National Winner for Residential Addition Under $100,000 by NARI and the Summit Awards’ Best Remodeled Project from the Greater San Antonio Builder Association.

Recently, KM Builders executed the remodeling of a kitchen in Bulverde. The kitchen space was limited and made more compact by an imbalanced layout. L-Shaped kitchens are designed to provide more ergonomic function, but the center island took up half the space and proved an imposition to the room’s natural flow. KM Builders switched out the drab color palette for a more breathable colorway. The new floor plan displays a more strategic layout that provides a sensible workflow. The new dual-purpose center island is a space-saver that features marble countertops with storage compartments below. The renovation was an extensive contemporary upgrade to the previously passe kitchen. KM Builders made the modern styling blend with the house’s classic features, for a seamless integration.

Virtuoso Builders

2161 NW Military Hwy, Suite 202, San Antonio, TX 78213

Virtuoso is an award-winning residential remodeling firm based in San Antonio, owned by husband-and-wife Mike and Molly Sowry. Before establishing Virtuoso Builders, Mike Sowry’s first business venture into construction was with his residential lighting design and installations firm in 1990. He would see $1,000,000 in annual revenue over a very short period of time. In 2001, Mike established a residential remodeling firm called New Spaces Remodeling Group.

After a few years, the company evolved into Virtuoso Builders, highlighting Mike’s impeccable work ethic, including loyalty to clients and constant innovations. In 2006, an experienced advertising professional, Molly, was brought on to manage the firm’s rapid expansions. Her initial focus was on Virtuoso Builders’ marketing and development. Now, Molly takes charge of everything involved in the firm’s day-to-day operations. Mike and Molly’s firm is among the leading industry giants recognized by reputable associations, such as the Texas Association of Builders and the National Association of Home Builders. The firm has received recognition from renowned award-giving bodies; it is a thirty-one-time winner in various remodeling categories from the Greater San Antonio Builders Association’s Summit Awards. It won the Summit Award’s highest honor, the Grand Award, twice. In 2022, Mike will be the new President of the Greater San Antonio Builders Association.

Project by Virtuoso Builders

One of the firm’s notable projects includes this home addition in Sendero Ranch. The firm built a cabana from the ground up, turning the client’s idle piece of land into the primary lounge area for the homeowners and their guests. The structure joins the easygoing, rustic characteristics with the elegance of a manor. The cabana showcases traditional ranch detailing with dominant repurposed wood features, as seen in its girder and exposed stone accents. Glass overhead garage doors and the large corner windows provide an abundance of natural light to flow through, while nights in the cabana are warmly lit by both the task and accent lighting.

Dado Group

500 Sixth St, San Antonio, TX 78215

Serving San Antonio and its surrounding areas since 2008 is the general contractor Dado Group. The firm is a member of two prestigious institutions recognized nationwide, the Urban Land Institution and the American Institute of Architects. Clients have sought after Dado Group for its Design-Build services led by its in-house experts. Licensed architects are at the helm of operations, ensuring that projects have the utmost architectural integrity in design and structure. With the extensive experience of its in-house architects, the firm is better able to adapt to necessary changes without losing touch with the client’s original vision. The quality of the relationship between contractors and clients is essential to each project’s concept, from start to completion.

Dado Group involves clients in each stage of development by maintaining high levels of communication. The firm keeps client satisfaction at the core of its operations with its design-centered execution and impeccable management, delivering quality projects efficiently. Clay Hefty, a partner at the firm, holds a double major in Information Systems and Quantitative Business Analysis from Hankamer School of Business at Baylor University. Clay is the firm’s chief project manager, with a versatile background in Design-Build projects for commercial and residential sectors. In 2018, Dado Group was the Regional Winner of The Chrysalis Award for the Whole House Remodel $300-$700K category.

Project by Dado Group

Dado Group was tasked with conceptualizing and executing a Stanford Midcentury remodel of a 1963 home in Olmos Park. The firm gave the 2,800 square foot vaulted-roof structure a comprehensive upgrade. Its new framework features earth-toned walls adorned with flute panels and large pane windows, successfully integrating the design with its surrounding environment. Its refined geometric lines elevate its sleeker layout. The buildout is midcentury modernism at its finest.

Shaw Company Remodeling

14127 Jones Maltsberger Rd, San Antonio, TX 78247

Shaw Company Remodeling is a renowned remodeling contractor in San Antonio. With three decades of industry experience, Eric Shaw founded the company in 1997. Now, it is accredited by the National Association of the Remodeling Industry and the San Antonio Builders Association. The family-owned business provides its clientele with a personal touch and a genial approach.

Shaw Company’s strong quality output, combined with solid client recommendations, has earned it a top rating from the Better Business Bureau. The firm’s reputation of being among Qualified Remodeler’s Top Remodeling Contractors in the nation upholds its passion for artistry. For this reason, it consistently receives repeat customers and exceeds their expectations.

Project by Shaw Company Remodeling

Shaw Company Remodeling recently remodeled the above compact space by integrating an L-Shaped modular kitchen. The new crisp white kitchen is a composite of Tudor details with modern elements. The stylistic architecture provides enhanced functionality with a layout that is designed to maximize space management. Its modern features include transparent glass cabinets over granite countertops and pendant lights atop the center island. The firm transformed a snug ranged room into a spacious modern-classic kitchen.

Bobo Design Build

431 Isom Rd, Ste. 226, San Antonio, TX 78216

Bobo Design Build is a design contractor in San Antonio that offers a broad range of services and all-inclusive home remodeling packages. The firm offers an innovative approach to better serve clients, incorporating a 3D Virtual Build design to see an accurate rendering of their vision before initiating the project’s buildout.

The firm pursues transparency in its operations to focus on the clients’ comprehensive understanding of each development. With its detail-oriented approach and careful consideration of its clientele, the firm can credit seventy-two percent of its business to direct referrals and repeat clients. Since Ken Bobo founded the company in 1989, it has remodeled some of the finest homes in the San Antonio area. The firm is recognized by the associations that lead industry standards, such as the National Kitchen & Bath Association and The National Association of Home Builders. It is also ranked as the number one Full-Service Remodeler in San Antonio in Remodeling Magazine’s Top 550.

Project by Bobo Design Build

Bobo Design Build recently took on a residential addition that incorporates an outdoor lounge area into the patio. Its walls feature exposed brick with solid white trim that matches its Tuscan columns, and the floor is finished with classic maroon brick herringbone patterns. While the addition maintains the house’s common themes of rustic architecture, Bobo Design Build integrates modern features by incorporating a see-through fireplace.

Rhino Design Build

4335 Vance Jackson Rd, Ste. #101, San Antonio, TX 78230

The room-addition experts Rhino Design Build was founded by Danny Garcia. Danny’s extensive background of over twenty years of industry experience was recognized by San Antonio’s Business Journal, awarding him a spot on its prestigious list of 40 under 40. He was also among the finalists from San Antonio in the running for the 10th season of The Apprentice. Danny specializes in various significant aspects of a project’s operations, from pre-construction processes of cost estimation and design construction to the overall management until completion.

The firm offers clients paramount attention to detail that helps guarantee customer satisfaction. A testament to that pursuit is client-turned-partner Angel Whitley. Angel, a successful retail business owner, hired Rhino to conduct renovations on her home in 2018. Angel is now part of the firm’s team, heading project administrations. She brings her expertise in business management to the firm.

Project by Rhino Design Build

Rhino executed a home remodeling involving three fundamental aspects of any house. A home’s kitchen and dining with an adjacent living room can be too compact with limited space, and Rhino Design Build managed to open up the layout to blend each room homogeneously. The room features bright task lights, recessed lighting, and the integrated downlight ceiling fan and accented by the warm industrial and modern island chandelier above the dining table. The compact space is now sprawling but cozy, brought together by the fireplace between the dining and the lounge area.