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The Best Commercial Architects and Designers in San Antonio

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San Antonio is one of Texas’s most popular and populous cities. As a famous destination spot, the city offers a bustling community and a thriving economy that continues to rise. With a deep and rich Hispanic culture, the city has long been a hub for attractions and enjoyment for both residents and tourists. But the city isn’t just known for its lively festivities and picturesque views, as it’s also a center for commerce and industry.

Several companies have found that the city is a great spot to do business. Other businesses are starting to look into the place, which could be challenging even for big-time names. Choosing the right workplace or developing the right office — all prove difficult if the party handling the job is not fully capable. Our editors have compiled a list of the best commercial architects in San Antonio, Texas, to guide clients in their architectural needs. These architects have been selected for their awards, backgrounds, and areas of expertise.

Lake | Flato

900 Isom Road, Suite #110, San Antonio, TX 78216

To enhance the abilities and passion of next-generation architects, Lake | Flato fosters the development of architectural culture. The firm leads in the development of exemplary architecture through active participation with the community, ingenious designs, and its strong dedication to the advancement of architecture. When it comes to project management, the company is a firm believer in using environmentally friendly approaches. It promises that each of its completed projects will have a positive environmental impact. The firm and its staff have earned accreditation from AIA San Antonio and LEED AP.

Project by Lake | Flato

Featured is the Sylvan Thirty, a project that resulted from the firm’s approach to mixed-use development services. This project has a unique design that distinguishes it from neighboring structures. Its stucco, tactile wood, and stone are all arranged beautifully through fine masonry. The space serves as a hub for the community, which includes farmers, artisans, retailers, and other invested citizens. The project paved the way for other developmental architecture in the area as it was the first project in the dilapidated area to be completed. The firm wants to make an impact with every project, and the Sylvan Thirty shows it is capable of doing just that.

McKinney York Architects

999 E. Basse Road, Suite #180 #419, San Antonio, TX 78209

McKinney York Architects recognizes how design can improve people’s lives by creating spaces that inspire them. The firm feels that fine architecture should enhance people’s experiences by positively influencing their social behavior and personal drive. The company is concept-driven, allowing it to create detailed concepts and designs that reflect its well-rounded capabilities and thorough attention to detail.

The firm has received numerous accolades for its services and projects; the American Institute of Architects are the Texas Society of Architects are just two of the firms that have recognized the firm over the years. These same associations also certified the firm and some of its principal members, which include accreditations from AIA, FAIA, and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Project by McKinney York Architects

Pictured here is Frost Bank Regional Headquarters, a large office space that serves as the primary base and bank for a San Antonio branch. This new five-story regional building is located West of Corpus Christi Bay and serves as a major component of Shoreline Boulevard. To make the project last and to preserve its functionalities and design, it features multiple mechanisms to withstand diverse environmental conditions and dangers, including protection against winds and corrosion.

Clayton Korte

429 N Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

Clayton Korte is an architecture firm creating places that celebrate their environment and exalt the human experience at the intersection of architecture, authenticity, and craft. What began as a small architecture practice in 1983 has evolved into a firm today that includes interior design and brand services with offices in Austin and San Antonio. Though their Texas roots run deep, work on winery, ranch, hospitality, and residential projects regularly take the firm’s work to distant points outside the Lone Star State.

Project by Clayton Korte

Clayton Korte’s commitment to delivering architecture that reflects a region’s history is embodied in Savor, a restaurant and bar project. The space is an important piece of the firm’s strategy in growing and promoting San Antonio’s culinary culture. Its frame is made of blackened steel, which provides stability and industrial accents. Natural materials and colors are also used to represent sustainability and a desire for environmental influences. Other features include a patio, a kitchen, and eating areas. The project won the Home & Design Award from San Antonio Magazine.

Overland Partners, Inc.

203 E Jones Avenue, Suite #104, San Antonio, TX 78215

Overland Partners’s architectural philosophy lies in assisting its clients so that they can achieve their full potential. Other firms visualize the project for their clients, but Overland Partners encourage them to imagine the space themselves so that the final product can be highly tailored according to their creativity. The firm is client-driven, which means that on top of its client empowerment approach, it also ensures that each project will exceed its customers’ expectations and that all phases of the architectural process are meticulous and client-friendly.

Project by Overland Partners, Inc.

Clear Channel Headquarters is a great example of one of the firm’s finished projects. The client, Clear Channel, required a new headquarters in San Antonio. The firm took it upon itself to successfully provide just what the client needed — a multipurpose, fully functional, main operations hub that could meet the needs of a leading communications business. The firm understood the potential of the building site and developed a beautiful and practical concept that is now the new headquarters. It features a contemporary style for present standards in office designs. Cutting-edge technology, historic materials, and appropriate utilities and systems were upgraded and added for the project’s success. The project earned the firm the AIA Design Award, the AIA Design Merit Award, and the Builder Magazine Gold Nugget Award for Architecture.

RVK Architecture

2002 N Saint Mary’s Street, San Antonio, TX 78212

With over 51 years’ worth of service and dedication to the community and industry, RVK Architecture has established itself as a pioneer that has more than what it takes to provide great results. Throughout its long history, the firm has had multiple opportunities to showcase its prowess as a prime architect, and that is evident in its diverse portfolio, garnered awards, and certifications. Since its establishment, RVK Architecture has steadily expanded into a firm that offers full services across 11 market sectors. The firm continues to hone itself to better its craft and expertise as it strives to become the best architect in San Antonio.

WBE, various branches of the Chamber of Commerce, AIA, and LEED AP are among the several certifications that the firm has to present. It has also won several awards over separate years, including Best Places to Work by San Antonio Business Journal, Architect of the Year by Associated General Contractors of San Antonio, Distinguished Building Award, and Excellence in Construction, among others.

Project by RVK Architecture

Featured is Lab Building at Pearl, a mixed-use project that includes a retail and office space for simultaneous functionalities. The firm’s design team worked on a flexible floor plan that allowed for both the retail and office space. This lab building also has four façades — one on each side and each with a distinct street and building. These fronts serve as features for the project, providing shade for shopping and colonnades for support and design. The higher office floors also provide scenic views of the surrounding area, including views of historic buildings and urban settings.

Dado Group, LLC

500 Sixth Street, San Antonio, TX 78215

Dado Group is a multifaceted firm for clients in need of a complete set of both architectural and construction services. The firm’s philosophy is to apply traditional architectural principles to the communities it works in, while also assisting its citizens and users. The firm has a team of licensed specialists, including architects and designers, who complete each project with a passion for designs that last. The company specializes in projects in different markets, including residential and commercial, and it always delivers great results. The firm has received numerous honors, including The Chrysalis Award. And it has been featured in a number of publications, including The Society Diaries and Expertise.

Project by Dado Group, LLC

Featured is The Monterey, a restaurant project that exemplifies the firm’s standards. The space features a modern, mid-century style accentuated with beautiful woodwork throughout the structure. These elements provide a warm and inviting atmosphere that is complemented by the interior design that displays a sophisticated approach to food and dining. Customers can enjoy both the feel of the space and the food that goes with it.

Douglas Architects, Inc.

1320 East Houston Street, Suite #102, San Antonio, TX 78205

Douglas Architects understands that the projects it provides and designs aren’t just areas for work or shelter; these places are spaces that add value to the experience and productivity of its users. The firm has been applying this belief to its projects for over 15 years and has become an accomplished architect with plenty of experience and strong expertise in clients’ architectural needs. Its services are suited to each client’s budget, schedule, and scope to ensure that project personalization is carried out. Innovative yet practical design methods are employed by the firm’s wonderful team of experts. WBE, SBE, ESBE, and DBE are among the firm’s several certifications which all the more strengthen its architectural capabilities.

Project by Douglas Architects, Inc.

300 Houston Street is a mixed-use development project that also serves as a commercial space for an investment trust company. The space includes the second-oldest Walgreens lease, which is why the firm used a design concept that resonates with the surrounding area’s urban design. The firm also used similar materials in the foundation and frame of the building to reflect the district’s themes in architecture. Porcelain signs were reused in the new project’s style to provide an iconic element from the original structure. As a mixed-use building, the project houses a retail store, an office space, and an underground parking lot.

Alamo Architects

1512 South Flores, San Antonio, TX 78204

Alamo Architects is a multifaceted firm with expertise in a variety of market areas, demonstrating its adaptability in approach and design. Its design approach creates projects that go beyond the historical and cultural foundations of both the region and the customer. It is a multi-award-winning firm that applies several effective strategies to each project, regardless of size or complexity, to allow users to fully immerse themselves in the space. Alamo Architects believes that great architecture can transform communities — and ultimately the world — through impeccable designs. Some of the awards that were earned by the firm are the Star of Distinction for Sustainability and the Texas Society of Architects Architecture Firm Award, which have been granted to it for its services and accomplished projects.

Project by Alamo Architects

El Tropicano Hotel was initially developed as a sophisticated resort that acted as a popular attraction for prominent figures such as politicians and film stars. However, due to changing times, the resort soon became outdated, then abandoned, losing its status as a globally renowned destination spot. Alamo Architects decided to restore the hotel to its former glory. Through its renovation and addition services, the firm was able to transform the dilapidated structure into a beautiful space that is reminiscent of the hotel’s original tropical atmosphere. The renovation also paved the way for other reinvigoration services throughout San Antonio.

Fisher Heck Architects

915 S Saint Marys Street, San Antonio, TX 78205

Fisher Heck Architects has established itself as a prominent architectural figure in the state since its founding in 1982. As a pioneer, the firm is committed to developing places and properties that enhance the legacy of the area they are found in. The firm establishes strong bonds with its customers in order to visualize then actualize what they desire. It offers a wide range of projects that span different sectors, including residential, commercial, municipal, and others. The firm has several certifications, including Certified Small Business Enterprise, AIA, and the Texas Society of Architects.

Mark Navarro, AIA, LEED AP, is the principal architect that leads the firm’s operations. He has an outstanding background as an architect which includes years of experience; he has also had his fair share of management tasks in his career. His go-to methods lie in sustainability and he pushes this technique in the firm’s many projects. He now guides the firm in dealing with urban planning projects and religious spaces on top of being its president.

Project by Fisher Heck Architects

The Toyota Texas Lobby Renovation included refurbishing services for a large manufacturing plant. This plant is considered a popular attraction to tourists and locals, which is why the firm decided to renovate it. As an area that gives a significant first impression, Fisher Heck Architects redesigned the details and elements that were found within the lobby. That redesign included the surfaces, furnishings, and lighting. The firm still incorporated Toyota’s signature red color throughout the space. An enhanced VIP room, custom fixtures, and remodeled boardrooms were also included.

Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects

14603 Huebner Road, Bldg 18, San Antonio, TX 78230

For over 36 years, Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects has been providing nothing but its best service and commitment to produce the best in architecture and client satisfaction. The firm’s code of honor assures its clients that it will remain honest and straightforward throughout the entire design process. Clients throughout San Antonio repeatedly approach the firm for its architectural mastery and integrity. Its dedication to service is matched only by its diversity, which is present in both its team of architects and associates and its portfolio. Publications—such as ENR Texas & Louisiana Magazine, Architect Magazine, and San Antonio Business Journal—have all recognized the firm’s services and projects.

Project by Durand-Hollis Rupe Architects

Featured is the firm’s award-winning project, The Phipps. The reason for the project’s success lies in a multitude of key details and features. One is its impressive and diverse use of steel frames, which involves its deck and joist. Another feature is the state-of-the-art technology that was employed and incorporated with creative applications for a beautiful and constructive space. Chic materials and furniture, natural fixtures, and other mixes of conventional and contemporary elements were added. The project won a NuHeights Design Award and an ENR Texas & Louisiana Merit Award.

Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design, Inc.

4733 Shavano Oak Drive, Suite #103, San Antonio, TX 78249

Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design is an architectural firm that underscores activeness and responsiveness. When clients request the firm’s services, they can expect to have an open and consistent communication line, collaborative response to client goals and issues, and a thorough attention to concepts. Although the firm is situated in San Antonio, its range includes Arizona, Colorado, Oklahoma, and Illinois, where it is also a registered and licensed architect. The firm’s services include everything from programming to project administration and all the skills and solutions in between.

As a competitive architect, Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design continuously improves itself and its capabilities. The same goes for its team of architects, whose backgrounds and work histories include a number of impressive feats, such as several accolades and certifications. These include multiple Design Awards, AIA accreditations, and memberships in the Texas Society of Architects.

Project by Stephen J. Kramer Architecture + Design, Inc.

Featured here is O’Krent Floors, a three-story building that houses multiple spaces, including a warehouse, a showroom, and corporate offices. The key challenge for this project was the incorporation of all three areas’ various functionalities. The firm had to devise a floor plan and design that was able to seamlessly blend all three spaces while keeping in mind the accessibility and quality of each for their respective workers. The entire property displays a style akin to a warehouse, with the interior exhibiting the various spaces’ individual themes and environments.

Robey Architecture, Inc.

314 E. Commerce Street, Suite #850, San Antonio, TX 78205

In comparison to other major league architects, Robey Architecture is distinguished by its relatively smaller size. Robey Architecture, despite its compact size, is able to compete with other firms in terms of quality and all-around approach. The reason for this is that due to its small size, the firm is able to comprehensively and carefully handle each project, one at a time. It believes that if a company’s entire workforce concentrates on a single project, the best possible version of that place will reliably materialize. The firm takes care to respect the traditions and cultures of the communities it serves, which add to the project’s value.

Project by Robey Architecture, Inc.

Drury Plaza Hotel Riverwalk is a redevelopment and renovation project within the local district of San Antonio, Texas. The firm was able to transform a national bank structure and its garage into a now-thriving hotel complex, the Drury Hotels. The garage was redesigned to give a good impression as San Antonio Riverwalk’s front, adding more utilities and features, as well as opening up a section to be converted into a covered plaza. As for the building, new floors were added to serve as additional hotel units.

Richard Mogas Architecture

317 Lexington Avenue, Suite #1, San Antonio, TX 78215

Richard Mogas Architecture was established with the goal of creating creative and distinctive architecture. It takes pride in delivering projects that reflect its clients’ needs for a personalized experience. This is bolstered by the qualifications of its principal, Richard Mogas, AIA, who has nearly five decades of experience both in and out of Texas. He has consistently provided effective architecture and is constantly polishing his art in order to serve to the best of his ability. With tremendous efforts to meet the needs of its clients, the firm has been by the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and AIA. It has also been featured in publications such as Southern Living Magazine and The New York Times.

Project by Richard Mogas Architecture

CEG Plaza exhibits conventional approaches to developing workspaces. The framework incorporates concrete, birch wood, granite, and aluminum for a sturdy and appealing feature. The firm also took into consideration the scorching heat from the sun and developed measures that would shield the space and its users against it — a TPO roof that extends to act as shading for both the front and back portions of the structure and aluminum-coated surfaces on the exterior. The interior features simple, yet effective office areas with a light color theme and minimal add-ons for a neutral atmosphere.

Chesney Morales Partners, Inc.

4901 Broadway, Suite #250, San Antonio, TX 78209

Chesney Morales Partners offers the full architectural array of specialties and services, as well as a broad set of interior design expertise for interested clients. Its scope of operations includes the entire United States but the firm is based in San Antonio. The firm is driven by its professionalism and desire to deliver excellence in project management, unique and imaginative designs, schedule-convenient time frames, and competitive pricing.

At the center of the firm is Thom Tobey, its principal architect, and owner. Thom has firsthand experience with urban issues within San Antonio. This personal experience fuels his passion for enhancing the quality of spaces within the area to provide transformative experiences that elevate its users’ lifestyles. Thom has been invited as a speaker for associations such as AIA and APA and has also been named among the Outstanding Alumni from the University of Houston, where he earned his degree.

Project by Richard Mogas Architecture

Shavano Oaks is a beautiful commercial project for an insurance company. This three-story establishment features the incorporation of concrete, limestone, and granite throughout the frame and supporting areas for a solid and stylistic design to be displayed at first glance. Its amenities include a lightweight curtain wall, an exterior patio on the upper level, and utility systems.

MSA Architecture + Interiors

1619 Huebner Road, Building 3, Suite #301, San Antonio, TX 78248

MSA Architecture + Interiors is an esteemed customer-focused company driven by its passion for providing extensive solutions to its clients. The firm believes in creating long-term client-company connections. Forging a personal connection with clients serves as a critical factor as the firm works collaboratively on all of its projects. As a result, the firm consistently exceeds client expectations with each accomplished project. The firm has more than earned its status as a multi-award-winning firm, having won various awards throughout the years, including the People’s Choice Award and President’s Award.

Project by Chesney Morales Partners, Inc.

Provided is Dominion View / Retail Center, a structure that serves primarily as office space and doubles as a retail building. The two-story building is divided equally, with the owner taking up the first floor as a retail tenant area and the office on the second. In terms of design, the firm delivered a beautiful style that includes tiled roofs, stone-patterned columns, and a cream color scheme with a pop of color that creates a fun, productive atmosphere. Additional amenities were also added, such as sufficient open parking space for guests and employees alike.