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The Best Industrial Contractors in San Antonio, Texas

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Finding a talented team of individuals, with diverse talents, proves vital to ensuring one’s construction needs are met. As one of the largest cities in the United States, San Antonio contains various reputable contractors to jumpstart one’s project. From general supervision to acquiring the required licenses and certificates for the site, the best contractors are knowledgeable about the procedures needed to complete your project.

San Antonio is home to numerous businesses and commercial sites, with busy streets and diverse peoples. As a result, establishments in the region require constant care and attention. Industrial contractors provide this, as they manage building maintenance and help owners thrive. The list below contains five of the best industrial contractors in the city. These individuals are licensed and certified professionals with proven skills and expertise, and they consistently surpass the needs and standards of the agencies, individuals, and owners searching for a long-term partnership for their projects and service repairs.

Joeris General Contractors

823 Arion Parkway, San Antonio, TX 78216

Joeris General Contractors is a Texas based commercial contractor, construction manager and design build firm that has gained numerous recognitions and awards in 2021, such as an AGC’s Outstanding Construction Award, SAMCA’s Golden Trowel Award, AGC’s General Contractor of the Year, a Patron of Masonry Award, and an ASA Excellence in Construction Award. Joeris also received the ABC Excellence in Construction Award in 2020. The company is known for its dedication to its clients’ projects, regardless of size or scope. Throughout the years, the company has established a foundation of trust within their communities and with their corporate clients.

Project by Joeris General Contractors

CEO Gary Joeris brings forty years of experience to the industry and has led the Joeris team through thousands of projects across Texas, including the construction of the HEB Snack Plant with their long-time client, the HEB Grocery Company, in 2019. The structure of the industrial production plant for manufacturing the brand’s snack products required Joeries to model the interior and exterior of the building and meet numerous standards and laws for autonomous operations. The firm has constructed other industrial distribution and manufacturing facilities across the state.

Metropolitan Contracting Company

990 Isom Rd., San Antonio, TX 78216

Based in San Antonio, Texas, the Metropolitan Contracting Company—launched by Tim Swan and Steve Schuetze—has established itself throughout twenty-six states, with over 4,000 projects accomplished. It has garnered multiple Regional ABC Excellence in Construction awards for its work, including its construction of the San Antonio Humane Society, La Cantera South, and the Devils River Whiskey Distillery in 2021. Metropolitan has also been regarded by the San Antonio Business Journal’s Building San Antonio awards, and it received the Best Rehab/Reuse Project award and Best Green Project award for its works.

Project by Metropolitan Contracting Company

One of its notable projects in industrial construction was the 640,000 square meter construction of the Enterprise Industrial Park. The Metropolitan’s buildings and facilities served as its primary projects for weeks; Robinson REIT was its first entry into San Antonio. The area is surrounded by entirely concrete paving, while the buildings were made with a thirty-two inch clear height and ESFR Fire Protection Systems.

Middleman Construction Company LLC

9631 McCullough Avenue, San Antonio, Texas 78216

Accredited by the North San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and the US Green Building Council, Middleman has been known in San Antonio’s commercial construction community for twenty years. The company is experienced in building commercial, industrial, office spaces, multiuse buildings, multistory constructions, and medical institutions. Owned by Mark Middleman, the award-winning company has gained recognition through multiple ABC Awards, including a recent 2020 ABC Platinum S.T.E.P. Safety Excellence Award. In 2019, they won the ASA Excellence in Construction Project of the Year Under $2.5 Million.

Middleman has produced several outstanding projects, including the Alamo Distribution along San Antonio, which demonstrates its ground-up industrial constructions within the area. The project was a 120,200 square meter build that needed site development and infrastructure services from the company.

Project by Middleman Construction Company LLC

Tradesman Industrial, a project that Middleman completed in 2006, features a unique structure that complements the surrounding landscape. It provides direct access from all of its sides and has numerous truck bays.

O’Haver Contractors

12831 OconnorRd. San Antonio, TX 78233

Donald R. O’Haver II brought immense experience to the company, with multiple years of experience from commercial building projects in Texas. Now, the company provides projects for both public and private sectors in the area, as well as general contracting services, commercial construction, management, design-build, and consultations. The company is proud of its strict safety standards and exceptional quality work.

Project by O’Haver Contractors

O’Haver Contractors has completed multiple industrial projects in San Antonio, including the San Antonio Lighthouse for the Blind and the Crow Industrial Park. The company knows the land and the requirements needed for each site, as it keeps the client’s budget in mind. One of its projects, the Toyota Management Center, is a large warehouse with a spacious interior for the brand’s high-tech machinery.