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The Best Residential Architects and Designers in San Antonio

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San Antonio, one of the oldest cities within Texas and throughout the entire country, is a vibrant metropolis that contains a rich culture and popular attractions. With features that are both dated and modern, the city offers a huge variety of entertainment outlets, activities, and overall destination spots for both locals and tourists to enjoy. Local shopping districts, lively festivities, and even memorable dining establishments are among the city’s notable spots. San Antonio is also regarded as the most visited city in the state, and the second-most populous, owing to its tourists’ desire to explore the place and even settle down.

With such a bustling community and rich attractions, locals are looking to enhance their lifestyle through better homes and guests are opting to have their own homes built in the area. However, choosing the right home is difficult, which is why this list includes the best residential architects in San Antonio, Texas. They have been chosen based on their background, awards, years in business, and expertise.

Michael G. Imber, Architects

111 West El Prado, San Antonio, TX 78212

Michael G. Imber, Architects understands that architecture isn’t just about creating great designs for offices, homes, etc.; it is an art that blends space with its landscape while exhibiting the finest styles that have been honed through decades of craftsmanship. It believes that each project is the expression of the hard work and passion of its builders and designers. Its design practices prove unique as the firm employs an artistic understanding of each project.

At the forefront of the firm is Michael Imber, FAIA, who acts as its principal architect. He has an outstanding career history and has been blessed with several awards, with an Arthur Ross Award as his most notable one. His expertise ranges from the classical tradition to more flexible styles including coastal and luxurious spaces. As an esteemed architect, his craft has been featured in several publications, such as ELLE DECOR and Rizzoli Press and has been certified by several associations, including FAIA, NCARB, and the Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Project by Michael G. Imber, Architects

Turnberry Residence is an excellent residential project that was accomplished by the firm. The home is a result of the firm’s approach to incorporating the state’s staple materials such as limestone and oak and a home style that is similar to England’s known residences. It’s also situated within the confines of oak trees that provide a natural and tranquil environment for its users. Its use of diverse materials such as timber frames and stone foundations overall enhance the home’s stability and style.

McKinney York Architects

999 E. Basse Rd., Suite #180 #419, San Antonio, TX 78209

McKinney York Architects understands that architecture enhances people’s lifestyles by providing spaces that engage and inspire. It believes that effective architecture has the ability to heighten users’ experiences which influence their social conduct and motivation in achieving their dreams. The firm is concept-driven, which allows it to form comprehensive plans and designs which highlight its innovative approach and meticulous attention.

Throughout the years, the firm has garnered several awards for its residential projects, from the American Institute of Architects, Texas Society of Architects, and other places. It has also been featured in multiple publications such as AIA Austin Homes Tour Features, Architect Magazine, and ELLE DECOR.

Project by McKinney York Architects

Saddle Creek House signifies the wonderful potential of an imaginative design. The home features a quintessential shape that is commonly observed in children’s drawings. The firm decided to use this as a foundation for its concept, and it elevated it using its creative architecture. Now, the home is a spacious residence with one level for one giant floor plan, stone materials and pavilions, and a serene setting in a grove of trees. Other additional amenities include a screened porch for activities such as birdwatching and a huge outdoor field for hobbies.

Lake | Flato

311 Third St, San Antonio, TX 78205

Lake | Flato prioritizes promoting the culture of architecture to elevate the skills and passion of next generation architects. Through close involvement with the community, creative and well-rounded designs and practices, and dedication to the expansion of architecture, the firm has led in the development of fine architecture over the years. The firm is also an avid practitioner of sustainable and energy-efficient methods when handling projects. It vows to leave a positive environmental footprint with each of its accomplished projects.

Project by Lake | Flato

This award-winning project is House Zero, the result of a collaborative project with ICON that demonstrates its wall printing technology. The home’s plan was built with flexibility in mind, allowing it to adapt to changes in users’ families for generations. State-of-the-art technology was utilized in congruence with practical architectural practices to give rise to a fresh home with concrete surfaces and wooden details for a modern style and rustic atmosphere. Because of its impressive design, adaptive plan, and excellent quality, the project has been featured in several publications and has earned a Texas Society of Architects Design Award.

Craig McMahon Architects

5021 Broadway, San Antonio, TX 78209

Craig McMahon, AIA, NCARB, has worked for over two decades for large construction and architectural firms. One issue with these large-scale firms is that some of them prioritize project quantity over quality — disregarding the maximum potential of spaces for more profits. Craig understood this flaw and realized that through founding his own firm, Craig McMahon Architects, he would be able to guide it in working through each project to develop and achieve its best possible version. That’s why the firm’s work principle is to closely handle each project with utmost care that extends to the clients to give them a meaningful experience. Its efforts have been recognized by publications, and it has been featured in releases, such as Open Concept Houses Spring, Stone World December, and Professional Builder Magazine.

Project by Craig McMahon Architects

Featured is this beautiful contemporary home, Lampas River Ranch, located in Belton, Texas. Although the style is primarily contemporary, the home features bricks, stones, and woods on top of modern elements to blend the home with the surrounding landscape. Striking stonemasonry, sleek woodwork, and clean shapes are among the details to be observed in this home. Another feature that incorporates the beauty of nature into the home is the use of prominent light entryways for natural lighting. The interior design features an open floor plan with appropriate materials for a homey atmosphere. The home won the 2020 Aurora Awards: Grand Aurora prize.

Tobin Smith Architect

2201 San Pedro Ave., San Antonio, TX 78212

Multi-award-winning firm Tobin Smith Architect is an architectural firm whose work encompasses specialties across different market sectors. With a diverse portfolio that includes various projects across multiple styles and rural and urban areas, the firm exemplifies work flexibility and all-around capabilities. With 15 years of official business, the firm has demonstrated its ability to outshine firms whose work histories span decades of development.

Some of the firm’s notable awards include AIA San Antonio awards, such as Citation Award, Divine Detail Award, and Merit Award. Its team members have also received certifications for their outstanding professionalism and work expertise. These include, but are not limited to, AIA and NCARB. Both the awards and certifications serve as testaments to the firm’s passion for architecture.

Project by Tobin Smith Architect

Situated in one of San Antonio’s green fields is Dover Soul, a modern residence that shows just what the firm can deliver. With pronounced geometrical figures and intricate patterns on the surfaces as its details, the home embodies modern standards in stylistic architecture. Even the property is shaped as another geometric, trapezoid-shaped to accentuate the design. It has a monochrome color combination of black-and-white for a minimalist yet striking appeal.

John Grable Architects, Inc.

222 Austin Highway #1, San Antonio, TX 78209

What separates John Grable Architects, Inc. from other architectural firms is its commitment to expressing users’ experiences and emotions through its services and ideals. It believes that its goal as an architect is to provide transformative spaces and properties that are able to elevate all of its users’ lifestyles and memories. The firm is headed by John Grable, FAIA, whose excellent background involves award-winning projects, decades of experience as a project manager and partner at other architectural firms, as well as a broad knowledge base that stems from even more decades as a designer and builder. With his career history, he expertly leads his firm in its operations.

Project by John Grable Architects, Inc.

Above is Green Lantern, a residence that was developed from the roots of sustainability and innovation. This modern home features energy-efficient practices and technology, such as a green roof, photovoltaic or solar panels for backup power, and a water harvesting system for rainwater. Despite being a modern home, the space still features some of the original property’s ranch style, which is incorporated within some of its areas. This pays tribute to historic designs that were once prominent in the neighborhood. Another of the property’s features is a great view that overlooks the Olmos Basin nearby.

Dado Group

500 Sixth St., San Antonio, TX 78215

Dado Group is a one-stop-shop for clients that are looking for both the full range of architectural and construction services. Its philosophy lies in employing the conventional practices of architecture within its region and in supporting its community by doing so. It is equipped with a team full of licensed professionals including architects and designers, that accomplish each project by leaving them with a lasting appeal and enduring stability. The firm typically handles commercial and residential projects that fall under any size or complexity, and it is able to handle them with ease. The firm has won many awards because of this expertise, such as The Chrysalis Award and a Gold Nugget Award for different projects and services.

Project by Dado Group

Featured is Smith Residence, the result of the firm’s services in ground-up construction. It is a home that was built on the foundations of contemporary styles and elements, yet it exhibits a few traditional details. This is because the space was constructed within a historic neighborhood, which is why the firm decided to honor the surrounding home’s themes on its own. The style incorporation includes materials from a traditional perspective that are designed with a modern touch. It is a sizable residence with the proper amenities for an average family to enjoy.

Ford, Powell & Carson

420 Broadway, Suite #100, San Antonio, TX 78205

Ford, Powell & Carson is dedicated to reinvigorating the neighborhoods, districts, and communities that it approaches. Its work principles include the usage of green, sustainable practices and local materials to achieve this. The firm offers a wide array of architectural services, which range from project planning to construction administration, and everything in between. While its specialty lies in historic preservation, it has a large portfolio of diverse and first-rate quality designs, which have been developed over time throughout its 55 years of service in the industry. For five decades, the firm has been nonstop in tending to its clients’ needs while bettering its skills as a prominent architect.

Ford, Powell & Carson has managed to garner multiple certifications from respectable organizations in the industry. These include but are not limited to AIA, NCARB, ASID, WBE, and HUB, which all prove and strengthen their high-quality services. Texas Architect Magazine and MBD Magazine are among the publications to feature the firm in their work.

Project by Ford, Powell & Carson

Bend N Creek Ranch is a premium residence for an interested client that hoped for a California Cliff May house style that was developed through a Texas lens. The home blends indoor and outdoor elements, which are evident in the firm’s designs in its setting on a vast, flat landscape, use of large entryways, and open floor plan. Another bonus addition to this blend is a fantastic view of a nearby private lake. The residence includes a master bedroom, living room, kitchen and dining area, and an outdoor swimming pool.

Fisher Heck Architects

915 S. Saint Marys St., San Antonio, TX 78205

Since its establishment in 1982, Fisher Heck Architects has marked its place as a pioneer in the state. As a leading brand, its resolve is to provide spaces that heighten and pay tribute to the context of the location and land they are built on. The firm personally connects with its clients to recognize what they truly want and what they really need. It provides a variety of projects across different markets, such as residential, commercial, civic, higher education, and a lot more options to choose from. The firm is a Certified Small Business Enterprise.

Leading the firm is its principal architect and president, Mark Navarro, LEED AP. Mark has years of experience and service as an architect, which is why he has been appointed as president. He currently manages the firm’s religious and urban planning projects as his own specialty revolves around those markets in accordance with sustainable methods and designs. Aside from being a LEED-accredited professional, he is also a member of AIA, San Antonio Conservation Society, and Mission Heritage Partners.

Project by Fisher Heck Architects

Featured is Hamilton House Restoration, a project which transformed a dated and dilapidated structure into what is now a fresh and revitalized residence. Despite being a restoration project, the firm employed full architectural services to fully revert the structure back to its former state that resonates with the historic district it belongs in. Every inch of the place was refinished, and additional amenities and technology were added to help the building keep up with the times. These include new lighting systems, mechanical features, and even an additional parking space. Because of its charming transformation and topnotch restoration, the home won the 2018 Honor Award.

poteet architects, lp

1114 S. St. Marys St., San Antonio, TX 78210

poteet architects, lp was established in 1998 to enhance sustainable practices that were employed to reinvigorate the downtown districts of San Antonio. The business has been recognized nationwide for its enthusiastic approach and conduct for green solutions and revitalization and has gained the respect of numerous organizations and clients alike. As a versatile architect that adapts to the interests of its customers, the business can manage a wide range of projects that are not restricted to a single market sector.

Spearheading the firm is Jim Poteet, FAIA, the principal architect of poteet architects, lp. Even before his career as an architect, Jim excelled in his education. He graduated from Yale University, and after, he earned his degree of Master of Architecture from the University of Texas, simultaneously receiving the Alpha Rho Chi Medal. He then went on to serve as an architect over other firms before establishing his own firm. By then, he had already gained tremendous knowledge in the field and had been granted FAIA, a prestigious certification for architects.

Project by poteet architects, lp

Pool Pavilion is a picturesque residence that immerses its users within the environment it is built in. Despite being a contemporary-style home, the design was molded to exhibit an earthy atmosphere that merges human construction with natural elements. Strengthening these details is the use of stone, wood, and concrete to provide a contrasting feature that works well when put together. The home’s amenities include the main area with a kitchen, living room, fireplace, an outdoor swimming pool, and an additional shed for storage.

Don B. Mcdonald

2121 N. Main Ave., San Antonio, TX 78212

Don B. Mcdonald has served the area of San Antonio, Texas, for forty years and has maintained a steady pace of service, development, and overall dedication to its craft and clients. It shows consistency in its projects, which is evident given the top-tier quality that is present in the firm’s diverse portfolio. Its goal lies in shaping each project to fit in with the historical and cultural context of the districts or communities it resides in, as it believes in the preservation of both the buildings it handles and the background of the location.

The firm has garnered multiple awards during its four-decades-long run. Some of the notable awards include the John Staub Winner and Palladio Award for Interior Design for separate accomplished projects. It has also earned memberships for architectural associations, such as AIA San Antonio and Institute of Classical Architecture & Art.

Project by Don B. Mcdonald

Provided is El Negro, an elegant home that proves that conventional designs are just on par with modern styles even in the current era. This classical home portrays the beauty of then-prominent features, such as the employment of excellent stonemasonry, clean and smooth surfaces that are accentuated with column designs, tiled roofs, and a reddish cream color scheme that overall give off a warm and lavish atmosphere. It also uses key elements like arched entryways, high ceilings, indoor gates for some areas, and columned hallways that connect different sections of the house together.

MSA Architecture + Interiors

16719 Huebner Rd., Bldg. 3, Suite #301, San Antonio, TX 78248

MSA Architecture + Interiors is a reputable client-driven firm that is impelled by its principle of providing constant comprehensive designs and solutions to its customers. It also boasts a passion in building and nurturing healthy and long-lasting client-company relationships as it believes that forming a close bond with these users is the key to understanding them and their needs in a project. Whether it’s a home, a retail store, or a commercial establishment, the firm exceeds expectations. As a testament to its expertise, the firm is renowned as a multi-award-winning firm, with several awards including the San Antonio Parade of Homes, People’s Choice award, and President’s Award over different years.

Project by MSA Architecture + Interiors

Plan 4746 is a residential project that signifies interwoven glamor and practicality in modern living. The home features a transitional Spanish style, with the exterior portion displaying prominent Spanish details, such as stucco walls and clay-tiled roofs. The interior, on the other hand, features a much more modern appeal with monochromatic colors, minimalist aspects, and the appropriate choice of materials for the fixture and furniture. The residence is relatively large and accommodates most family sizes. It has multiple home areas with high ceilings, several bedrooms, family rooms, and additional amenities including an outdoor pool and parking spaces.

Richard Mogas Architecture

317 Lexington Ave., Suite #1, San Antonio, TX 78215

In 1979, Richard Mogas founded his architectural firm, Richard Mogas Architecture, with a vision in mind for brilliant and unique architecture. Driven by that vision and strengthened by its goal of enhancing its clients’ experiences, Richard Mogas Architecture dedicates itself to providing spaces that reflect its users’ qualities for a tailored experience.

What makes the firm dependable is its principal’s career background. Richard Mogas, AIA, has almost five decades of service that is not limited to the state of Texas. He has always displayed fine architecture and continuously hones his craft to achieve his best potential in satisfying his clients. With his guidance and knowledge base, the firm has gone on to perform great feats and has earned accreditations such as AIA and the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce. He has also presented architectural papers to different groups and organizations to spread the art of architecture.

Project by Richard Mogas Architecture

Rio Grande Valley I is an alluring residence that embodies the high standards of modern style home architecture. This property has prominent modern elements that highlight luxury in living. It features sleek lines and shapes in its frame, an incorporation of concrete and wood as its materials, and a well-managed space. It is adorned with a dominant white color scheme for neutrality and some hints of brown for some contrasting designs. It has tons of home areas for various functionalities and entertainment outlets, along with additional amenities for personal endeavors.

candid – works, pllc

215 Groveton St. #1, San Antonio, TX 78210

When it comes to multipurpose architectural needs, candid – works, pllc, is the firm for the job. As a full-service architect, it has the skills and design solutions to solve clients’ problems. Its team’s diverse professionals offer a variety of expertise and specialties to handle multiple projects of different needs and origins. Its portfolio offers a plethora of projects that serve as inspiration for clients who are looking for something within a similar scope. Certifications have been awarded to both the firm and some of its principal architects, such as AIA San Antonio for the firm and FAIA for the principal.

Project by candid - works, pllc

Featured is Utopia Cabin, a home that blends together the foundations of a contemporary home and the visuals of a cabin property. The home has an elevated frame that gives rise to a porch similar to a balcony. It has a lengthy rectangular shape that is divided into various home sections for different purposes. It also has an inclined roof for a visually charming design that also serves as a shade for the home. Most of the house’s frames and features use wood as the material for a rustic atmosphere.

Dibello Architects, PLLC

388 Comal Ave., New Braunfels, TX 78130

Dibello Architects, PLLC, ensures its clients that every project it delivers will fit, and resonate within the areas it is developed in. Its work philosophy is to handle projects with ease and simplicity to provide spaces that are straightforward, clear, and top-quality. It also promotes attentive and communicative relationships with its clients. Then it actualizes each client’s dream home after they personally convey their vision for the space. The firm’s architectural designs and practices are the amalgamations of various distinct influences that have shaped its standards. Some of the firm’s garnered certifications include AIA, Institute of Classical Architecture & Art, and New Braunfels Chamber of Commerce.

Project by Dibello Architects, PLLC

This particular project is reimagined Farmhouse, a home that features the same style as a traditional farmhouse and is situated in San Marcos, Texas. The home was designed in congruence with the married couple’s personalities. The space features a simple and comfortable atmosphere that smoothly merges the structure with the surrounding field. As a farmhouse-style residence, the property also features a barn in the vicinity for storage as a shed. The home is also molded to allow natural light to enter easily. Tons of space was also provided for the clients’ goal of starting a family.