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The 14 Best Mixed-Use Contractors in San Antonio, Texas

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San Antonio’s booming economy requires a more sustainable way to develop properties. Vertical residential buildings and commercial establishments are a good starting point but more and more businesses are turning to mixed-use developments for an optimal and sustainable structure. Locals can find shops, offices, parking spaces, hospitality accommodations, and even residential options in these sorts of buildings. Mixed-use developments require thorough planning and perfect execution which is why hiring professionals is key to the success of this kind of project. This list features the best mixed-use contractors in the city of San Antonio. To up with this list, our editorial team prepared a shortlist of contractors and then assessed each based on a set of criteria that considers work history, capacity, and the overall work quality of each firm.

Clark Construction

5353 W Alabama St., Ste. #310, Houston, TX 77056

Clark Construction is a large-scale construction company with operations all over the US. The firm has been in business since 1906, hailing from Bethesda, Maryland. Clark’s deeply-rooted history has fostered great professional values and dynamic figures in team leadership. Clark has a total of over 4,200 team members all over the country, giving a localized approach to construction and project management. The firm’s trophy case includes the NAIOP DC-MD Award of Excellence Firm of the Year award in 2020, the ENR Mid Atlantic Award of Merit, and the Regional Best Project Award for Office/Retail/Mixed-Use in 2020.

Project Clark Construction

The firm has thorough experience working with mixed-use projects in Texas, Virginia, D.C., California, and various other states. The Origin Ballston, a 455,000-square-foot mixed-use facility, is one of Clark’s largest mixed-use projects. The 22-story project features a penthouse level, common amenity spaces, and a rooftop pool above retail boutiques, and four-levels of parking.

DPR Construction

310 Comal St., Bldg. A, Ste. #300, Austin, TX 78702

Established in 1997, DPR Construction is a nationally-recognized commercial contractor with a number of multi-million-dollar projects under its belt. The firm has the 2020 DBIA National Design-Build Award, was named a 2020 Fast Company Innovation by Design Award Finalist, 2020 BD+C Giants, and won 2020’s ENR Southeast Best Projects for a mixed-use development. Bryan Kent, the Austin office’s business unit leader, takes charge of the office’s day-to-day operations. He ensures that the firm continues to uphold the values of professionalism and excellence.

Project by DPR Construction

DPR has a strong track record of mixed-use projects across the country. The firm built the Eilan Mixed-Use Development, a massive development in San Antonio packing retail spaces, a residential building, and a hotel. The project was completed in collaboration with the Dallas-based architectural firm HKS.


13750 San Pedro Ave., Ste. #420, San Antonio, TX 78232

With a staggering 150 years of industry experience, Gilbane is a respected name in commercial construction. For generations, the Gilbane family has pushed the limits of construction and construction management, producing several billions of square feet of projects throughout North America. The firm has received major awards and recognitions through its many years in the industry. Gilbane has 45 offices and has dedicated operations for real estate development, investment, and property management.

Project by Gilbane

Among Gilbane’s award-winning portfolio are several notable mixed-use developments. The luxury mixed-use building at 675 N. Highland Avenue in Atlanta is a prime example of Gilbane’s technical capabilities and crafty eye for design. The building has over 125 residential units, 14,000-square-feet of retail space, and 7,000-square-feet of office space.

GW Mitchell

8610 Broadway, Ste. #310, San Antonio, TX 78217

GW Mitchell is a commercial construction firm run by third-generation family members of the Mitchell family. Founded in 1921 by George W. Mitchell, a World War I veteran, the firm has established roots in the San Antonio building residential and commercial sectors. The firm offers client services, budget development, estimates, preconstruction, and construction proper services. Bill Mitchell, a San Antonio native and third-generation builder, assumes the role of the Company President. He oversees the firm’s everyday operations and community relations with the city of San Antonio. He served as President of the Fiesta San Antonio Commission and is a Board Member of the San Antonio Chapter of the Association of General Contractors. His leadership brought three General Contractor of the Year awards and an Outstanding Construction Awards from AGC.

Project by GW Mitchell

The firm has built all sorts of projects all over South Texas, including the SOJO Crossing. The facility is a 51,000-square-foot townhome community with 27 residential units in six buildings. The SOJO Crossing creates vibrancy for the local community through its combination of shelter and commercial activity.

Independent Contractors

207 Roosevelt Ave., San Antonio, TX 78210

Independent Contractors is a full-service general contractor specializing in cost-sensitive construction projects with excellent workmanship and a keen sensitivity to the needs of clients. Joe Bakke and Justin Farris steer the company leadership, serving as President and Vice President respectively. The two have created a company culture that prioritizes customer experience, competitive pricing, and a smooth construction process. Independent Contractors have experience in management, scheduling, quality control, cost estimating, and steel contracting.

Project by Independent Contractors

The firm’s portfolio covers multiple market sectors, including retail, residential, industrial, and mixed-use. The firm has built dozens of mixed-use buildings under its portfolio including the SWC Harry Wurzbach at Urban Crest in San Antonio.

Joeris General Contractors

823 Arion Pkwy., San Antonio, TX 78216

Texas-based Joeris General Contractors is a tenured commercial contracting firm operating all over the state. Established in 1967, the Joeris family still runs the enterprise with the same virtues of prioritizing customers. The firm offers extensive warranties and full access to its dedicated team for a smooth customer service experience. Joeris’ close-knit approach to construction has led to major citations including the 2020 ASA Project of the Year, 2020 ENR Best Regional Project and Merit Award, and the 2020 ABC Excellence in Construction Award.

Project by Joeris General Contractors

Looking at the firm’s portfolio validates the firm’s lengthy history and strong credentials. Joeris has worked with various retail spaces for huge names such as Ferrari, West Elm, and H-E-B. The firm has also completed mixed-use facilities for Cibolo Crossing, Kingwood Place, and Jones Crossing.

Koontz Corporation

903 Basse Rd., San Antonio, TX 78212

For over 20 years, Koontz Corporation has been a staple name in the San Antonio construction and development scene. Since inception, the company has completed over seven million square feet of projects across a broad spectrum of markets and mixed product types, including office, medical office, multifamily, industrial, and retail. Throughout its history, Koontz Corporation has demonstrated a standard of excellence and attention to detail that sets it apart from the crowd. In its earlier years, the company was actively engaged in providing construction services for its own developments as well as for numerous third-party clients. It was awarded the ABC South Texas Chapter Excellence in Construction for 2010, 2011, 2014, and 2015.

Project by Koontz Corporation

Today, Koontz Corporation focuses primarily on development opportunities in multifamily, industrial, and office. The company prides itself on building projects of enduring quality and exceptional value for its clients, investors, buyers, and tenants.

Kopplow Construction

7373 Broadway, Ste. #101, San Antonio, TX 78209

Recognized as a trusted builder in San Antonio, Kopplow Construction has been a commercial construction expert in business since 1976. The firm has built over a million square feet of commercial spaces, with clients such as Worth & Associates and Lone Star Bakery. Kopplow takes on every size of projects in every size and variety.

Project by Kopplow General Contractors

Kopplow leverages its understanding of pricing, scheduling, and quality control. Edward Kopplow, Chairman of the Board and Owner of the firm, studied Finance at the University of Texas at Austin. He is accompanied by Company President Tom Green, a member of the team since 2004 when he started as a Controller. The firm has a number of mixed-use facilities under its belt, including the 7600 Broadway that includes 53,000-square-feet of office space and 216 apartments.

Middleman Construction

9631 McCullough Ave., San Antonio, TX 78216

Founded in 1998, Middleman Construction is a commercial construction company that has experience working with high-profile retail and office projects in San Antonio and throughout the state. Mark Middleman, the Company Founder, established the company to fulfill his goal of providing quality workmanship to San Antonio neighborhoods. His leadership has garnered awards including the Nominee for 2019 ASA Excellence in Construction and ABC Platinum S.T.E.P. Safety Excellence Award.

Project by Middleman Construction

The firm has conducted businesses with high-profile clients in various market sectors, accumulating a portfolio of quality works. Middleman is accustomed to fast-paced construction timelines and budget-conscious clients. In terms of mixed-use projects, the firm has completed local buildings including Tower at Boerne, Plaza Las Campanas, and Singing Hills.

Rogers-O’Brien Construction

200 Concord Plaza Dr., Ste. #201, San Antonio TX 78216

Rogers-O’Brien Construction is a premier contractor based in Texas. The firm has a legacy of excellence started by Steve Rogers and Pat O’Brien in 1969. In contemporary times, the firm has welcomed the use of technology side-by-side with the use of time-tested construction practices. This marriage of new tools and old techniques brings the firm an unparalleled set of skills. This has led to the immense respect Rogers-O’Brien enjoys from industry professionals and locals alike.

Project by Rogers-OBrien

The firm has an impressive arsenal of mixed-use developments under its belt. Projects with combined residential-commercial functions and projects with commercial-hospitality functions are assigned to the relative team according to specialty. The 3,000-square-foot Dallas Arboretum, for example, sets a high bar for mixed-use developments in the area. The Arboretum houses a botanical garden that goes well with a commercial kitchen.

Sundt Construction

911 Central Pkwy. N, Ste. #375 San Antonio, TX 78232

Sundt Construction is a skilled team of construction professionals serving the states of Arizona, California, Texas, and Utah. Sundt was established in 1890 by Norway-born Mauritz Martinsen Sundt. Fast forward to the present day, the firm is led by G Michael Hoover. He began working in the industry in 1978, not long after graduating high school. He worked his way to becoming the company principal. Hoover leads a team of talented industry professionals and craftspeople. The firm has a unique 100% employee-owned enterprise structure that allows the spirit of collaboration and teamwork to flourish.

Project by Sundt Construction

The firm is no stranger to high-value projects, especially in mixed-use facilities. The public-private partnership project Blue Flame Housing in El Paso is an example of the firm’s technical expertise and design sensibility. The 18-story estate in the photo packs affordable apartments, office space, and retail floors.

TBC Commercial Construction

1878 Grandstand Dr., San Antonio, TX 78238

Bobby McCoy Sr., a veteran of the construction industry for over 35 years, founded TBC Commercial Construction in 2000 to serve the state of Texas with quality construction at a reasonable price point. TBC is known for committing to long-standing relationships with clients. The firm’s professionalism, transparency, and budget-sensitivity allow the firm to establish trust and understanding with Texas-based enterprises. TBC has experience working with preconstruction, general construction, and new construction services. In these services, the firm commits full attention and synchronization between trade partners and subcontractors.

Project by TBC Commercial Contractors

TBC’s commercial construction portfolio spans retail, big box, tenant finish-out, and ground-up new construction. The firm is also experienced in fast-track timetables and budget-conscious requirements, making TBC a good choice for mixed-use projects.

Titan Development

9601 McAllister Fwy., Ste. #1120, San Antonio, TX 78216

Titan Development is a commercial construction expert serving the states of Texas and New Mexico. For decades, Titan has given quality customer service and hands-on development to the Southwest. Third-generation New Mexican Ben Spencer established the company in 1990. Alongside him are University of Texas alumnus Kevin Reid and Texas Tech University alumnus Kurt Browning. The triad sees that Titan proceeds with consistent quality.

Through the years, Titan has proven itself in vertically integrated real estate as well as complex projects such as multifamily, senior living, industrial, and self-storage facilities. In terms of mixed-use projects, the firm is the contractor of choice by key developers in Texas and New Mexico. In addition to providing excellent construction services, the company also administers a private equity fund, Titan Development Real Estate Fund, which invests heavily in Texas. Since its launch in 2017, they have raised over $200M for industrial, multifamily, senior living, and self-storage projects.

Project by Titan Development

The featured project is the Legacy @ Journal Center. This is a mixed-use project in Albuquerque’s most successful business parks. This project has spaces for sit-down restaurants, a hotel, an office, and urban multifamily.

Vaughn Construction

1400 Universal City Blvd., Universal City, TX 78148

For over three decades, Vaughn Construction has built commercial buildings all over Texas. The firm has fortified strong relationships with trade partners, team members, and Texas clientele. Vaughn has established a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy when it comes to projects of any scale and value. Tom Vaughn and his team of over a thousand professionals, 400 of whom are craft workers, assure that the process is seamless and effective. The firm has deep roots in Texas.

Project by Vaughn Construction

Vaughn has extensive experience in the key markets of Healthcare, Higher Education, Research, and Civic. But the firm also has experiences in mixed-use and commercial projects. The Alamo Colleges building featured in the photo shows a mixed-use function executed by Vaughn. The 327,000-square-foot parking facility also features the Tobin Hill lofts that houses university affiliates.